Monday, June 22, 2009

i heart queer genderqueer transbabe porn!

yesterday. last night. i followed a whim.
even though everything inside me is turning inward. i decided to try to reflect out. to be the courageous confident kid that sometimes lives inside me. when its not all overwhelmed by self doubt and over analysing.

i took up an offer to help with a photo shoot. turned up on the doorstep of a house id never been to with people id never met. i met a whole group of people immediately, while my virgin bike legs still wobbled from the ride. i was offered west coast wine coolers, a drink i have never had before but that tastes just like passiona, and drunk quickly trying to break my nerves.

i feel like the woman who had invited me over had read me well. or maybe just didnt even care. but i felt comfortable sitting amongst a pile of fetish outfits on the couch. talking about strap-ons and coming up with ideas and poses for the photos we were going to take.

i love being a photographer. i love porn. i love taking photos of amazingly diverse bodies and genders and sexualites. everyone so uniquely divinely sexy. beautiful.
i love the art of intimacy, trust. the intuition of finding a comfortable space to share with someone during an experience, creeping beyond the walls of self guard to find inner truths. vulnerablity. all this makes me feel so alive. precious.

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