Monday, June 15, 2009

getting away with what you can...

small triumphs.

i planned to get my learners license replaced today. after the mess of new years travelings and parties i had lost it, along with a whole plethora of things. never to be found again.
i cant believe im still on a learners license and dont know how to drive. but anyways. i digress.

i always seem to get really intensely unintentionally weird photos. the last one i looked like some nordic viking with long white dred plaits down the front (?). and the photo before that i looked like a mulleted dude called steve.
today i wanted to see what i could get away with in terms of makeup and accessories. i was quitely surprised that they didnt even hesitant with me. my eyes completely shrouded in yellow and green makeup, a big green bow and a ninja turtles kercheif!
thank you queensland transport. you and your shitty lamenated licenses are less lame than i thought!

1 comment:

  1. wow!!
    that's so hot!!
    post a picture PLEASE!!!
    x x x x x
    ps. i called up about getting my L permit replaced today too!!